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Thursday, June 4, 2009


A long time ago my friends began to told me to organize a blog to write all my knowledge and my ideas about renewables. Finally I did it ten days ago with the blog 'Revolución Energética', in spanish and very focused in the spanish market. Right in the very first day, a lot of people told me to do the same in english. OK, so that's what you can see now.

The idea of the blog is to translate some articles there are in the spanish blog and adapt it to the worldwide reader. I will try to not to be so spanish focused that in the spanish blog, so I will do also posts only for this blog. However, according European Union, Spain has the best renewables incentive system europewide and is one of the worldwide leaders and drivers of this type of thechnology. So I'll try to be worldwide focused, but with an 'spanish touch' as probably you also are interested on how we are running renewables in Spain.

By the way, I apologize if something sounds bad in english. I'll do my best, but please, understand that I'm not english speaker native.

So, no need to knock the door. Is open. Feel free to enter, read, ask and share your experience in renewables in the comments with all of us.

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